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Nylon Wire Internal Coil Spring Spiral Brush

Short Description:

Nylon Wire Internal Coil Spring Spiral Brush

The nylon coil brush size can be customized!

Shaft needed or not are available.

Coil  spiral brush manufacturer in Anhui province.

China Nylon coil cleaning brushes supplier.

  • Size: customized
  • Material: PP, Steel, Stainless Steel, Abrasive, Nylon
  • MOQ: 2 pieces
  • Delivery time: About 5 days
  • Sample: available
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    Nylon Wire Internal Coil Spring Spiral Brush

    Internal Coil Spring Brush

    Outer side coil spiral brush

    1. the spring brush is the bristle embedded in a galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, through the machine winding into the shape of a spring, and the formation of a new species of brush roll.

    2. spring brush in shape is divided into inner winding spring brush and outer winding spring brush.

    3. spring brush roll is in a seamless round shaft with this winding way to maintain good density spot welding on the round shaft to form a brush wire density today.
    Very high and not easy to fall off the spring brush roller (also called winding brush roller).

    Attetion: The length of the winding coil brush should not be cut by yourself, if the operation is wrong it will cause the bristle to fall apart. We can cut the suitable length for you before sending it to you.

    Name Nylon Wire Internal Coil Spring Spiral Brush
    Bristle material PP, steel, Nylon PA6, PA610, PBT, etc.
    Channel material galvanized iron, stainless steel
    Channel size 4*4mm, 5*5mm, 8*8mm, etc.
    Size custom size
    Color black, white
    Package Carton, plywood case
    Delivery time About one week


    The following simple drawing for your reference.

    Any other questions about the brush, please let us know directly.

    Whatsapp/Wechat: 86 15375513347



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    Our services

    1. We can produce brushes suitable for your use according to your samples or drawings.

    2. We will provide you with professional advice on the information of brushes you are not sure about.

    3. We will provide free samples to confirm all details before bulk order.


    1. Can you customize the coil spring brush?
    A: Yes, It’s ok. We have our own mold factory and trading office together. The brushes can be produced based on your requirements.

    2. How long is your delivery time?
    A: Custom size brush: It’s based on your brush drawing.
    Regular size brush: About one week.

    3. What’s the details should be provided before get the quotation?
    A: Outer diameter, inner diameter, bristle details, brush material.

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