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Nylon or PP Potato Cleaning or Polishing Roller Brush

Short Description:

Nylon or PP Potato Cleaning or Polishing Roller Brush

Brush size can be customized!

The bristle thickness and material are based on your requirements.

Nylon brush roller is used for potato, fruit cleaning, washing, peeling.

  • Product name: Nylon or PP Potato Cleaning or Polishing Roller Brush
  • Size: customized
  • Material of bristle: Nylon, PBT
  • Shaft: Steel, Stainless steel
  • Tube: PE
  • MOQ: 2 pieces
  • Package: Plywood case
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    0.7/0.8mm bristle is used for potato peeling machine
    0.25/0.3mm bristle is used for potato and vegetable cleaning, washing machine


    Fruit vegetable cleaning brush

    nylon brush roller

    Nylon Cleaning Roller Brush

    Potato Cleaning Brush Roller with Steel Shaft


    The industrial brush roller is formed by planting bristle (nylon wire, plastic wire, metal wire, pig bristles, horse hair, etc.) on the roller-shaped object.

    When people use the brush roller, they sometimes find problems of one kind or another, so they have doubts about the quality of the product. In fact, as long as the manufacturer and the user pay attention to the following points, then the brush can be well eliminated the possibility of problems with the roll product.
    1. First of all, the cleaning brush roller must be cleaned and packaged before leaving the factory, because a lot of broken hairs will be generated in the process of planting and flat hair, so the brush wire should be combed before packaging, and the broken hair should be cleaned up.
    2. In the transportation process from the manufacturer to the user, in order to prevent sundries and dust from impregnating the bristle, packaging materials such as boxes and bags should be used for packaging to prevent damage to the brush roller.
    3. Be careful not to expose the bristle directly (without any packaging) and not place it on the ground or in other polluted environments before reaching to the manufacturer for use.
    4. A pad should be placed on the shaft head of the brush roller to keep the bristle upright and clean.

    Name Nylon or PP Potato Cleaning or Polishing Roller Brush
    Bristle material PP, PBT, Nylon PA6, PA610
    Tube material PE
    Size custom size
    Color black, white
    Package Carton or plywood case
    Delivery time About one week


    simple drawing

    Our services

    1. We have been specializing in manufacturing fruit and vegetable cleaning brushes for more than 20 years.

    2. The size of the brushes can be customized according to your requirements at a very competitive price.

    3. We can recommend you the suitable brush for your use according to your usage requirements.


    1. Can we customize the size of the Nylon roller brushes?

    A: Of course you can, we can provide you with simple drawings to fill in the dimensions or we can produce them according to your drawings.

    2. How do we get a quote?

    A: After you provide us with the size you need, we will offer you the best price according to your requirements. If there are other requirements, please let us know together.

    3. How long is the delivery time for production?

    A: About 10-15 days. If your order is urgent, we can also do expedited processing, about 5-7 days.

    4. How to pack?

    A: The samples are packed in cartons, and wooden boxes will be used for bulk orders. We provide the most suitable packaging on the basis of convenient transportation.

    5. How to contact you quickly?
    A: You can through WeChat, WhatsApp, email.

    Wechat/whatsapp: 86 15375513347

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