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Why is the sponge roller of the glass washing machine easy to break in winter?

In fact, the sponge roller of the glass washer is quite durable. As long as it is kept clean and moist, there is no problem in normal use for three or five years, because the main function of the sponge roller in the glass washer is to absorb the water on the glass. It will not involve damage to the sponge roller of the glass washer. So, how is the damage to the sponge roller on the glass washing machine caused, and why is the sponge roller damaged more in winter?

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In winter, when the machine is turned on, the sponge roller is easy to cause damage, mainly because it will freeze at night. The sponge rollers are up and down corresponding to each other, and the gap in the middle can accommodate the glass to pass through. Then, the temperature is low at night, and there are gaps in the middle. It may freeze. In this way, once the transfer is turned on the next day, the transfer roller of the glass washer starts to rotate. Once the sponge roller rotates, the sponge on the sponge stick will be torn, causing damage to the sponge roller.

Then, how to avoid damage to the sponge roller of such a glass cleaning machine is to heat the water first, and then turn on the water pump and spray water on the sponge roller after the temperature reaches a suitable temperature. After all the ice is melted, start the transmission motor. In this way, the sponge roller will not be damaged.

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Post time: Jan-14-2022