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Why do photovoltaic panels need to be cleaned regularly with a photovoltaic panel cleaning brush?

This is because the small-scale solar power supply system has the disadvantages of indirectness and randomness when it is applied on the ground, and the power generation is not only affected by the climatic conditions, but also affected by the accumulation of dust and attached dirt. Dust is a substance with low thermal conductivity. When a large amount of dust accumulates on the photovoltaic panel, it will make it difficult to release the heat of the panel itself. When the local temperature of the photovoltaic panel is too high, a “hot spot effect” will occur, leaving fire hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust on the photovoltaic panel with a photovoltaic panel cleaning brush.
Photovoltaic panels are easily damaged by acidic or alkaline substances, and the precipitation in acid rain areas is more polluted. If the photovoltaic panels are in an unshielded state for a long time, it is even more necessary to use a photovoltaic panel cleaning brush to clean them.

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Post time: Feb-25-2022