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What are the applications of industrial brushes

Due to the different characteristics of industrial brush materials, the scope of application is also different. In summary, it is basically divided into four aspects: dustproof, cleaning, polishing, and grinding.

The cleaning brush is a commonly used industrial roller brush. It is generally used in the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, such as vegetable cleaning and general cleaning and dust removal in other industries. The brush wire is required to have good wear resistance, high elasticity, and corrosion resistance. Aging, long-term operation is not easy to deform. If the brushing performance is not good, when the object is placed in a certain position for a long time, the brush roller will appear grooves, which will destroy the function of the roller brush, and even cause the entire brush roller. scrapped.

Dust-proof brushes are mainly installed at the inlet and outlet of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows, etc., to prevent dust from entering through these gaps to pollute equipment and products. The brush wire is required to have high elasticity and the brush wire surface is lubricated. , And some require the brush filament to have antistatic function.

Abrasive brushes are used less frequently. General industrial grinding will be done directly with abrasive tools such as grinding wheels; but for the textile industry sanding treatment and the surface treatment of some antique furniture, it is necessary to use the abrasive wire brush (roller) containing silicon carbide. , The mesh number (density) of the silicon carbide contained in the abrasive filament should be properly adjusted with the strength of the fabric to be worn and the effect to be worn out.

Polishing brushes are mainly used to deburr and finely polish the surface of industrial devices. Different types and characteristics of brush wires can be selected for different requirements. If it is a steel plate with strong hardness, the surface needs to be electroplated and polished. Ideal Bronze wire should be used for the brush wire. If it is a general metal material for surface rust and deburring treatment, steel wire with better hardness can be used.

Post time: Aug-10-2021