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Little knowledge about solar panel cleaning brush

A solar panel is a device that converts it into electric energy and stores electric energy by using solar energy. Its advantage is that it uses solar energy to generate electricity, so it avoids pollution caused by coal burning, so solar cells The board is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green product.
Why clean the solar photovoltaic panel?
The use time of photovoltaic equipment has increased, and the surface of photovoltaic equipment is easy to be stained with dust, so it needs to be treated in time to avoid damage to the equipment. At present, most of the photovoltaic dust removal equipment is electric, which will increase the weight of the equipment to a certain extent and the problem of power waste to a certain extent, and it is not suitable for remote areas. Therefore, a kind of photovoltaic module cleaning water pressure-driven rotatable water spray is needed. Hand brush. The brush is a solar photovoltaic cleaning brush. The solar cleaning brush can be designed into a spiral brush roller, a planting brush roller, a disc brush and other shapes according to the cleaning equipment. Solar photovoltaic cleaning brushes are widely used in ground photovoltaic power station cleaning, color steel tile factory roof photovoltaic power station cleaning, photovoltaic greenhouse cleaning, roof photovoltaic power station cleaning, and cleaning of ground photovoltaic power stations at different heights. Photovoltaic solar panels mainly rely on absorbing solar energy to convert into electricity Power generation, cleaning as required can ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the photovoltaic panel, which is beneficial to absorb as much sunlight as possible, thereby ensuring the power generation; if the components accumulate dust for a long time, not only will the power generation be lost, but the hot spot effect will also be serious. The component life is short and even damaged; therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the cleanliness of the component, and clean it appropriately to ensure the power generation.

Post time: Aug-04-2021